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Tempo Valley’s roots began circa 2003 on the Windward side of Oahu, HI, but has been operating out of Fort Union Studios in Honolulu, Hawaii’s Chinatown since 2005

The collecTV  “TEMPO VALLEY” is the production/songwriting team and live band consisting of members:  Slo (Producer), Kona, Johnny Tone and Aaron “Dubalator” Friedman (Musician, Songwriter, Engineer and Associate Producers…) Together they generate soundscapes that fuse hip-hop, spoken word, jazz, funk, latin, dub, reggae and neo-soul flavors on a collection of Volumes and collaborations.

Also providing the beat and rhythm are the Knights of Tempo Valley, the Live representation of the TEMPO with special guest musicians performing onstage and opening up for acts like De La Soul, Nas, Biz Markie, Kid Cudi, Myka9, Hawaii’s own Creed Chameleon and E-40…


Stay tuned into T.V. as more details on the new projects unfold and performances.



For our Kū Kia’i Mauna, our Protectors for Aloha Aina have been heavy on our mind.‪#‎wearemaunakea‬ ‪#‎wearehawaii‬ ‪#‎wearehawaiians‬ ‪#‎alohaaina‬ ‪#‎malamaaina‬
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Sister: noun  a fellow woman in relation to other daughters, sons and female issues
Lubei (Loo-bay): short for Dilubech (      ) which means to sprout, to grow…

Origin: Republic of Palau
Residence: Hawaii
Genre: Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, World, HipHop


“The lyrical empress of life and love with a strong voice of reason, compassion and a very unique style”

Sister Lubei describes the basic concept of  “When Love” as
“Sometimes in life we get caught up in the wrong relationships, friendships or we allow people, things or situations in our lives that don’t belong there. This song is about a woman who is letting go, releasing and overcoming.” With Tempo Valley providing a solid foundation for Lubei’s stirring lyrics and expressive performances. 
She brings an amazing live show with elements of  Hip Hop, fused with Reggae and World music, a live band and good vibes.  She has performed as an opening act for reggae heavyweights Gregory Issacs, Morgan Heritage, Maxi Priest,
Mikey Dread, Freddie McGregor, Maacho & Cool Connection, Yellowman, ThirdWorld, also Taurus Riley, Nas and Biz Markie 
alongside Tempo Valley and much more. She also performed with the amazing Dub Apocalypse in Boston & New Hampshire. 
She is due to release her follow up album this spring 2013, produced by Tempo Valley with collaborations and re-mixes from other dj’s and artists from the Pacific Islands to the Atlantic oceans.



After 2 years of writing recording and production Slo (Tempo Valley Music) Shree and Johnathan of the Quadraphonix releases:

“Blues in the Ragas” Quadraphonix with guest MCs Ninja Pleeze, also featuring Nigerian-American poet, Singer and TED fellow Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo 

“Raga”, in its original Sanskrit means “the act of dying or coloring”; something that colors one’s emotions or moods. This is also the essence of the Blues. These forms are primary in my evolution as a musician having grown up in Malaysia – a melting pot of cultural and diverse traditions – and then coming to live in the modern hybrid culture that is Hawaii.

Over the last 14 years the Quadraphonix has developed its own hybrid forms that respect and celebrate the free flowing exchange of  our 21st century musical environment. Quadraphonix was formed by drummer Jonathan Heraux for free form experimentation influenced by Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, African, Latin, Rock and South Asian music. Our music blends it all together into a unique form of world beat. You will find blues guitar riffs and ragas echoing throughout this cd making seamless transitions within this composition. Traditional lyrics from the south Indian culture of Tamil fused with African rhythms and funk are the backbone of this project.

released 09 November 2012 WWW.QUADRAPHONIX.COM



refers to 100’s of artists who donate their time and talent to Mana Maoli CD’s, concerts, school visits, and music mentorships, all in support of over a dozen culture, community & environment-based charter

Representing the MMC on the latest benefit double CD:  John Cruz, Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga, Rebel Souljahz, Anuhea, Natural Vibrations, Maoli, Ooklah the Moc, Kimie, Irie Love, Yami Bolo, Half Pint, Innavision, Liko Martin, Napua Makua, Ernie Cruz, Jr, Kupa’aina, Lahaina Grown, King Kekai, Sashamon, Damon Williams, Go Jimmy Go, Guy Cruz, Kekoa Kane, Kupa’aina, and many more….

Mana Maoli Volumes IV and V – “THIS IS MAOLI MUSIC”,
is an inspiring collaboration between over 100 pro artists and over 100 youth representing 13 charter schools across the islands.
This double CD includes over 3 dozen tracks, a John Cruz-Jack Johnson music video, and other bonus features.

Each track is a collaboration, with Hawaii’s favorite artists across many genres working with the youth or each other.

Available at, i-tunes, and various stores in Hawaii.
See or Like Mana Maoli on facebook for details.


Volume III – Knights of the TEMPO (TBA)
The next chapter is a live performance CD recorded at Jazz Minds Arts and Cafe showcasing the Knights, the Band, along with their distinctive instruments of choice, accompanied by B-Cap and Slam Poetess Bridget Gray as the featured vocalist, with some surprise special guest appearances.

The Knights (Musicians) Kona Askari on Guitar, Johnny Tanner on Guitar, Aaron Friedman on Bass, Juju Boden on Drums, Lindey Patterson on Percussions and Juan Reyes on Trumpet



A free-form neo-soul/downtempo project featuring LadyPaisley and Seph1 and Slo on the microphone…”a seductive blend of purely organic and harmonious poetry.” with guest appearances by Iyeoka O., Oveous Maximus and Maria “Songbird” Remos.  Co-production by Ted De Oliveira.


Live @ KTUH    Monday Night Live                                                    w/DJ Catwings2008

Label:Phan Ent/Fort Union Ent.

The ensemble consisted of players from two of Hawaii’s                     premier bands: The Quadraphonix and Tempo Valley                       Featuring vocalist Iyeoka O.B-Cap, Paula Fuga, Slo, Seph1, Lady Paisley.       Tempo: David Mergens (Tenor Sax, Keyboard), Kona Askari (Bass), Ted De Oliveira (Drums),  Members of Quadraphonix: Shree (Guitar) Eli (Percussions)


“Confessions of a Compulsive Liar” by Darron Cambra

Some really cleverly witted poems by Darron over some really nice beats and production from Tempo Valley and a collaboration of producers

Label:Poorwetree Press        Executive Produced by  Darron Cambra and Fort Union Ent.


“Spoken Words” Hawaii Youth Speaks 2008

“Youth Speaks Hawaii” International Slam Poet Champs ’08. Check them on HBO and Myspace.  Don’t Sleep


A new film with one of Tempo Valleys songs on the soundtrack…

Paraglyding “I Fly Because” Ozone and Jorge Atramiz & Herminio Cordido,

Soundtrack by Tempo Valley with David Mergens on Tenor Sax and Keyboard and Kona on Guitar

Free for Download in Hi-Def at
Enjoy & Props to Ozone and Jorge Atramiz & Herminio Cordido, the directors/producers (Makers of the classic ‘Never Ending Thermal’).
8:19 Long Hi-Def

Pearl Harbor Credit Union Commercial with our song “Full Moon” from the Memoirs album song

“One Day in the Sun”   Tempo Valley with B-Cap, Sister Lubei and Slo…
Beats and Production by Slo and B-Cap…
Guitar: Johnny “Tone” Tanner and Kona Askari…
Bass: Aaron “Dubalator” Friedman…
Trumpet: Juan Reyes