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Ktuh Got Rice and got Love…

Since day one KTUH has had nothing but unconditional love for TEMPO VALLEY.
They have always supported us, our music and events. For that i’m giving love back, BIG upping the DJs that are keeping hawaii’s radio LIVE and FRESH…DJ Bones, DJ Trav, DJ Nick and Catwings to name a few and believe me theres alot of dope DJs at the station.

The show: Got Rice??? Tracks That Kick Azz. The Place: KTUH 90.3 FM honolulu When: every wed night/ thurs. morn from 12-3 am. Whos there: dj bone and a whole grip of ppl that come through… its all good. What Goes on: Hiphop, all night. Freestyles, local stuff, event news, overall crazy rukus… i try to keep politics and cru bullshit out of it… try anyways, gotta keep the local scene as positive as it can so that it can grow….