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Song of the Day

Still October…

DJ JesseFame and Raymind
Still October- JesseFame & Raymind Anthony by JesseFame
This track right here just makes you nod your head, you feel me? and if your in a HI State of Mind than you will know what im sayin…Fame is no joke and Ray the same…madd flavor. Check their latest CD release from the DugoutPosse


“Raps to da Max”

featuring the production and rhyme saying of

Dj Jesse Fame, JasonX-Buzz, IJA and Iyah representing the HI-State.

My favorite joint is track 3 BLU LIGHTs as Buzz takes you on a ride thru HI-story.

with stories and shouts of Hawaii’s crews and bboys…Bigg-ups and Respect to the whole DUGOUTPOSSE

Support local music and get yours…contact:

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